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 Eva was born in Borjomi in south-central Georgia, and she grew up in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. At age 7th, she began to study Musicology and later graduated from a Music School’s seven-year program. During this time, she performed in the Shota Rustaveli State Theater numerous times and was even featured on the Tbilisi radio station. Eva graduated from college with a medical degree as a clinical laboratory Scientist. However, instead of joining the medical field for her career, she moved to New York City in 2003 to begin a new journey leaning into her artistic interests.


Eva later achieved a Certificate of Web Design from the UDI Career Institute in Queens, New York, and she also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, New York. In addition, she attended photography and styling classes here, igniting her passion for capturing compelling images. Eva’s Design & Photography was established in 2013. She began to travel the world to photograph significant festivals such as the Newport Jazz Festival, the Roma Jazz Festival in Rome, the Black Sea Jazz Festival in Batumi, the DC Jazz Festival, and many others.


Eva was a prominent photographer of New York’s Vision Festival, which is produced by a nonprofit called Arts for Art. She was even honored to photograph the Tribeca Film Festival and the New York and Los Angeles Fashion Weeks. Eva has worked alongside Record Labels such as ESP-Disk, AUM Fidelity, and Highnote Records and has photographed numerous musicians for their record covers, including, but not limited to, Narada Michael Walden, William Parker, Jeremy Pelt, Satoko Fujii. And Nainnoh.


Her work has also been featured in publications and films such as the Freedom of Expression: Interviews with Women in Jazz, The Mystery of the Gardener’s Groove & Illumination, Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar Espana, Alpha Fashion Magazine, and S&D Fashion.  Eva exhibitions have spanned many locations between 2009 and 2022


● Tree Portraits in the Gallery of New York, NY (2009)

● Charity for Orphans in Zazanova, Tbilisi, Georgia (2012)

● Landscape Photography in Dublin, Ireland (2020)

● Solo single subject at the Laurent Gallery in Melbourne, Australia (2021)

● 6x6 Centre for Photography, The beauty of The Earth in Limassol, Cyprus (2021)

● Bangkok Art and Culture Center in Thailand (2021)

● Very Best Black and White at Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, IL (2021)

● Black and White Photography of the Year at Agora Gallery in New York, NY (2022)


With each individual or group she photographs, her ongoing mission is to make the artists comfortable and confident while performing what they do best. Guided by Jazz as her inspiration and photography as her passion, Eva is currently creating a photography book to be published in the near future.


When asked about her greatest motivation in life, Eva Kapanadze reflected upon her career and dedicated that title to the goal of inspiring other people to make their dreams come true. As a young child, Eva experienced of traumatic and heartbreaking time. From the loss of her beloved family, Eva persevered and learned that even after deep grief, life gets better, and it is still possible to achieve your desired life. She carried these values of perseverance and grit into her career, and she is now the proud owner of Eva’s Design & Photography and a celebrated photographer of jazz musicians as well as the fashion sector.


When she is not working, Eva enjoys relaxing by listening to vinyl records and heading outdoors on a biking adventure. As a self-proclaimed gourmand, she also can often be found whipping up delicious meals and snacks in the kitchen or taste-testing a new restaurant. Even when she is not behind the camera, Eva is consistently researching the field of photography to stay updated on today’s best practices, innovations, and trends. She is also a member of the United States Press Association, Jazz Journalists Association, and Professional Photographers of America, which keeps her knowledgeable of industry shifts and close to other professionals in her field.


For more information about Eva Kapanadze or to book her impactful expertise in photography, we invite you to Contact Us at any time!

      Eva Kapanadze is a Georgian-born American Photographer known for her photographs of jazz musicians,  artists, and the fashion industry.

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